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Juice Bombs


Juice Bombs are now available @ Kev Baldwin Confectionery. With a 5 star health rating, these are able to be sold all day everyday in your schools canteen. Contact us about ranging this new range today.

  • Juice Bomb the real deal 100% Natural Carbonated Fruit Juice drink in a 250ml can
  • Juice Bomb contains 100% freshly squeezed fruit juices, the fruit is bought fresh the day it is made giving Juice Bomb a fruity fresh taste
  • Juice Bomb with 2 serves of fruit per 250ml can making it a cool way to your daily fruit
  • Juice Bomb has No Preservatives, No Artifical Flavours or Colours and No Added Sugar making it so natural
  • Juice Bombs sugar comes from the fruit itself using apple, blackcurrant, raspberry, lime, red grape, watermelon, orange and passionfruit juices
  • Juice Bomb is slightly carbonated to give you that fruit fizz which gives these drinks a fresh and fruitful taste
  • Juice Bomb is the perfect fruit blast everyday
  • Juice Bomb is a registered AMBER product with the NSW School Canteen Association  -  AMBER EVERYDAY


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